Mediation Services

If you are experiencing conflict – personal, professional, or in your community, mediation may be the most effective way to bring about a resolution…

Mediation is a highly effective, confidential process that facilitates the task of reaching agreements or settlements on a wide array of issues outside of the courtroom. Family or civil sessions are conducted in confidence, allowing each party to tell his or her perception of events without interruption. Mediation sessions address the needs and interests of both parties and allow for flexibility in terms of times, objectives and location. The role of the mediator is a neutral third party who establishes an atmosphere of respect and support.

The Goals:

  • The main goal in the mediation process is for the parties involved to create solutions and agreements that are fair, durable and trustworthy.
  • Additional goals include: An opportunity to brainstorm, and arrive at your own ideas and solutions with the assistance of the mediator. Increased communication and improved relationships between the parties. An opportunity to share feelings about the situation and understand the consequences that may result for both parties.

The Advantages:

  • Mediation is solution oriented
  • Mediation saves time and money
  • Mediation helps improve and restore relationships
  • Mediation allows the expression of feelings in an appropriate manner
  • Mediation ensures that both parties have input into the final outcome
  • Mediation can produce win-win solutions

The Mediation Team:

The process is designed to allow all parties to have an opportunity to voice their needs, feelings and concerns and to result in a fair agreement and resolution to the issues at hand. Depending on your needs, you may benefit from working together with a mediator with a strong financial legal background or you may need a mediator with extensive training working with complex emotional issues. In either case, our team can be of assistance.

Mediation sessions are two hours in duration.