Our Services

Advancing Insights was founded by Joan Traversy. Joan is committed to Discovery-namely helping people to remember, uncover, identify and articulate their strengths and passions. Joan loves to assist her clients in finding new and fresh perspectives, in order that they can create possibilities and new stories for themselves. The first step often involves a simple question: “What are you telling yourself right now?” How many of us tell ourselves something along the story line of “-I’m not quite good enough, smart enough, etc…” By reworking your thoughts, sometimes finding the unconscious ones and making them conscious, you can create the life you want. Joan not only assists her clients, but learns and is inspired by them on a daily basis. Just recently, for example, a client successfully completed an Ironman after losing more than one hundred pounds. He has a new story and a new life, and inspires us to embrace change and possibility!

Counselling services are offered for children, teenagers and adults. Therapeutic modalities include: cognitive behavioural therapy, anger management, Gestalt therapy, narrative therapy, play therapy, couple therapy, and family therapy.

Mediation is conducted for any parties experiencing conflict and wishing to avoid costly court proceeding, including family, divorce, separation, and civil. The mediation team includes law practitioners who are dedicated to helping you achieve your resolutions economically and effectively.

You can benefit from these services if you are looking to:

  • Create greater happiness in your life
  • Improve the quality of your family relationships
  • Reduce stress and anger in life
  • Overcome anxiety and depression
  • Resolve conflicts and learn to be positively assertive
  • Take better care of yourself and those you love
  • Learn to let go
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Relax and enjoy the mystery
  • Appreciate each day
  • Truly love yourself
  • Navigate through major life events